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Join a Community of Practice

RSA’s NCRTM Communities of Practice (CoPs) are designed to connect you with others in the field who share common interests. Each CoP offers you a platform to exchange your ideas and thoughts, as well as hear from others with regard to a specific common interest.

Current and Upcoming CoPs

Advice from the Trenches: Senior VR Counselors Share Their Wisdom and Perspectives

This Community of Practice (CoP) offers an opportunity for early-career State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (SVRA) and American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services (AIVRS) counselors and other professionals to ask questions and get advice from senior vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselors who are successful in applying recommended VR practices in VR settings.

CoP participants will:

  • Learn from the experiences, perspectives, successes, challenges and wisdom of a diverse group of senior VR counselors to further develop and sharpen their own practices
  • Share their questions and curiosities about working for different SVRAs and AIVRS programs and helping VR clients become successfully employed in different settings and situations
  • Consider opportunities for professional growth and a career pathway
  • Become familiar with resources available in the NCRTM library to further develop their knowledge about topics discussed during the webinars

Discussion items during the kick-off webinar might include:

  • Boosting client motivation and ownership of the Individual Development Plan (IDP for SVRs) or Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE for AIVRS)
  • Mutually beneficial collaboration with mandated WIOA partners
  • Successfully balancing multiple demands and stress
  • Planning your own pathway to a successful career
  • Working with vendors to ensure that customer needs are met
  • Building and maintaining relationships with businesses and understanding their needs
  • Similarities and differences working in general, combined and blind SVRAs and AIVR agencies
  • Specific topical areas such as business engagement and working with underserved populations

Kick-Off Webinar for CoP
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
11:30 am – 1:00 pm ET
Registration link:

Past CoPs

Section 508: Frustrations and Fixes CoP

NCRTM hosted a 10-week CoP on Section 508: Frustrations and Fixes between January 9, 2017 and March 17, 2016. The NCRTM Accessibility Resources contains much of the content shared through the CoP. The Top Five Frustrations & Fixes of Document Accessibility, developed as a result of the CoP and the CoP - Section 508 Frustrations & Fixes - Curriculum are available in the NCRTM library. If you would like to view the activities of this CoP, visit and request to join. You will need a Facebook account to join.