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About Us

Welcome to the National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials (NCRTM), the Rehabilitation Services Administration’s (RSA) central repository for training resources in vocational rehabilitation. The NCRTM offers the vocational rehabilitation and education communities, grantees, researchers, trainers and practitioners the opportunity to gain visibility for their work, while contributing new knowledge to their specific fields.

NCRTM Subject Matter Experts

NCRTM Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) advise New Editions about innovative ideas, strategies and suggestions for making the NCRTM a robust, relevant, meaningful and essential resource for their constituencies.

The National Council on Rehabilitation Education SME is pending.

Core New Editions Consulting, Inc. Team

New Editions Consulting, Inc. supports RSA through the NCRTM contract. Versed in disability, health, and education, they specialize in technical assistance and training, Section 508 and accessible information communication technology, software and web-based solutions, program management and strategic planning, integrated communications and information dissemination, program evaluation and performance measurement, as well as policy analysis, data analysis and studies.

Peer Reviewers

NCRTM Peer Reviewers provide voluntary reviews of NCRTM library materials. Download the current list of peer reviewers.